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Carolina Catholic is a locally produced radio show which highlights what Catholics are doing in North Carolina and around the nation. In its monthly broadcast, the host of the show, Judi Paparozzi, interviews local Catholics, our diocesan leaders, and Catholic leaders around the nation to find out how they are living their faith. These Catholic men and women are doing the corporal and spiritual works of mercy that we are all called upon to do.

The shows on Carolina Catholic also tackle the tough issues facing us in our everyday lives such as being pro-life in a pro-choice world, local poverty and what we can do to help, converting to the Catholic faith, the African American Catholic, evangelizing in a non-Catholic area, and other challenging and exciting topics.

From its initial broadcast in July 2007 to the present, the show has featured many of our diocese clergy members including our bishop, His Excellency Michael F. Burbidge, Bishop of Raleigh, who graciously did five shows with Carolina Catholic including the 100th show in 2015. The show has featured Msgr. Jeffrey Ingham, Father Pat Keane, Father Michael Burbeck, Father Ned Schlesinger, Padre Marcos Leon, Father Bob Kus, Sister Isaac Koenig, SU, Father James Garneau, Father Dan Oschwald, Father Tony DeCandia, and other diocesan priests. Bishop Burbidge was also kind enough to speak with us about the Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral and the future plans for the Diocese.

Carolina Catholic welcomes ideas for future shows from the show's listeners. Some of the most exciting shows include interviews with politicians like Congressman Chris Smith, State Senator Thom Goolsby, well known members of the clergy like Father Benedict Groeschel, Priests for Life National Director Father Frank Pavone, Father Larry Richards, Father Myron Effing who serves in Russia, and Fr. Dwight Longenecker, a Holocaust survivor, Alfred Schnog,  as well as apologists Tim Staples, Patrick Madrid, and John Martignoni, and authors Immaculée Ilibagiza, Joseph Pearce, Jennifer Fulwiller, Judy Landrieu Klein, Matthew Kelly, Pat McCaskey, and Dr. John Bergsma. We have also featured great pro-lifers like Lila Rose, Melissa Ohden, Bev Jolly, Michael Clancy, Chuck Dean, and Jackie Bonk. This show has also reported from the diocesan conference, Ignited by Truth, for the past seven years.

Our show has also featured a story on the founders of Wilmington Catholic Radio (Bill Hamilton, Joe DeRobertis, and Jim Edens), as well as shows on pilgrimages to the shrines of Italy, Italian opera, the pro-life movement, home-schooling, the war in Afghanistan from a soldier’s perspective, the process of canonization, the Basilica Shrine of St. Mary, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Marian apparitions, voting one’s conscience, Catholic traditions at Christmas, Catholic music, schools, and bookstores, mental illness, end of life issues, papal elections, the ordination process, Cursillo movement, and conversion and reversion stories.

Carolina Catholic airs on the first two weekends of every month. The one-hour show is aired on the first Saturday of the month at 11 am, and it is rebroadcast on the first Sunday at 6 pm, and at the same times on the second Saturday and Sunday of every month. Several months have included shows on all four weekends.

Carolina Catholic's wonderful show page and notes is produced by board member, Greg Decker, and the beautiful music heard each show is provided by the show's musical director, Barbara Gallagher.

Click on the shows below to access the Show Notes and replay the show. Shows are listed from most recent to oldest.

Carolina Catholic interviews Bishop Burbidge

Host of Carolina Catholic discusses recent expansion and role of radio in New Evangelization





Original Air DateLink to the Show
May 20, 2017Divine Mercy Academy
May 6, 2017Fatima and Faustina
April 8, 2017Ignited By Truth
March 18, 2017Sally Read
March 4, 2017Paul Abbe
February 18, 2017Salud Hondu
February 4, 2017March for Life
January 21, 2017Michael Accurso
January7, 2017Vivian Dudro
December 17, 2016The Gospel of Luke
Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD
December 3, 2016Broken Land
November 19, 2016Ignatius Press
November 5, 2016Street Evangelizers
October 15, 2016Ignited By Truth Speaker Series
- Hector Molina
October 1, 2016The Movies with John Lewis
September 17, 2016The Beauty of Adoption
September 3, 2016Ben Hur
August 20, 2016Champions of the Rosary
Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC
August 6, 2016Singing in Austria
July 2, 2016Human Trafficking
June 4, 2016Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie
May 21, 2016The Movies
May 7, 2016Jeff Cavins
April 16, 2016Redeemed in the Spirit
April 2, 2016Richard Lane
March 5, 2016St. Maximilian Kolbe
February 13, 2016Salud Hondu
January 30, 2016Respect Life Month
January 2, 2016Theology of the Body
December 12, 2015Paparozzi Family Christmas Traditions
November 28, 2015Year of Mercy
- Bishop Michael F. Burbidge
November 6, 2015Year of Mercy
- Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC
October 3, 2015NC Values Coalition
September 5, 2015Conversion Story
August 1, 2015Gender Identity
July 4, 2015Mother Dolores Hart
June 20, 2015Hospice Care
June 6, 2015Courage
May 2, 2015Theology of the Body
April 18, 2015Ignited By Truth
- Melissa Ohden (part 2)
- Adam Blai
- Mother Assumpta Long
- David Calavitta
April 4, 2015Ignited By Truth
- Patrick Madrid
- Melissa Ohden
March 21, 2015Center for Bioethical Reform
March 7, 2015Bishop Michael F. Burbidge
February 21, 2015SaludHondu
February 7, 2015Respect Life Month 2015
January 10, 2015Judy Landrieu Klein
December 13, 2014Father Vincent Capodanno
November 22, 2014The Cursillo Movement
November 8, 2014Tim Staples
October 4, 2014Andrew's Toy Box
September 6, 2014Prison Ministry
August 2, 2014Hermit Priest of NC
July 5, 2014The COR Seminar
June 14, 2014Jennifer Fulwiler
May 31, 2014Ordination of Fr.Michael Burbeck 
May 3, 2014Chris Bell
April 26, 2014Ignited By Truth
- Dr. Patrick Fagan
- Jennifer Fulwiler
April 12, 2014Ignited By Truth
-Dr. Scott Hahn
- Kimberly Hahn
March 29, 2014SaludHondu
March 1, 2014Christine Sulzen of Ignited By Truth
February 1, 2014Imaculée Ilibagiza
January 10, 2014Unsung Heroes of the Pro-Life Movement
December 7, 2013Keep Christ in Christmas
November 16, 2013Cardinal Gibbons High School
November 2, 2013Fr. Gerardo Vallecillo-Murcia
October 5, 2013Respect Life Month
August 31, 2013Basilica Shrine of Saint Mary
- Bishop Michael F. Burbidge
August 10, 2013Italy and Opera
July 6, 2013Italy Revisited
June 1, 2013Ignited By Truth
- Dr. Patti Zordich
- Maggen Stone
May 4, 2013Ignited By Truth
- Dr. Scott Hahn
- Fr. Michael Schmitz
- Lila Rose
April 6, 2013Divine Mercy Devotion
March 2, 2013Electing a Pope
February 2, 2013Respect Life 2013
January 5, 2013Marian Apparitions with Bud Macfarlane, Sr. 
December 1, 2012Keeping Christ in Christmas
November 17, 2012Life in Afghanistan
October 20, 2012Fr. Myron Effing
October 6, 2012Dr. Mario Paparozzi
September 22, 2012Marian Apparations Updated
September 8, 2012Father Thomas Price
August 18, 2012Chat with a "Revert"
August 4, 2012Marian Apparitions
July 7, 2012An American In Rome - Part I
An American in Rome - Part II
June 2, 2012End of Life Issues
April 21, 2012The Marriage Amendment
April 7, 2012Bread for Life
March 3, 2012Ignited By Truth Part I
Ignited By Truth Part II
February 4,2012Respect Life 2012
January 7, 2012Our Favorite (Catholic) Things
December 4, 2011Sharon Legere
November 5, 2011Msgr. Jeffrey Ingham
October 1, 2011Bishop Michael F. Burbidge
September 3,2011Alex Hill
August 6, 2011The Byzantine Rite
July 2, 2011The New Liturgy
June 4, 2011Unavailable
May 7, 2011The Saints
April 2, 2011Ignited By Truth
- Matthew Kelly
- Dr. Brant Pitre
- Deby Schlaprizzi
- Dr. Patrick O'Connell
- Jeremy Rivera
March 5, 2011Irish on the March
February 5, 2011The March
- Rally for Life in Raleigh
- Mass and March in DC
- Prayer Vigil in Wilmington
January 8, 2011Father Benedict Groeschel
December 4, 2010Women of the Pro-Life Vigils
November 6, 2010Father Tony DeCandia - Part II
October 3, 2010Father Tony DeCandia
September 4, 2010Respect Life Seminar
August 7, 2010The Year For Priests
- Bishop Michael F. Burbidge
- Msgr. Jeffrey Ingham
- Fr. Ned Schlesinger
- Rev. Vic Gournas
- Msgr. David Brockman
- Seminarian Brian Wright
July 3, 2010Ocean Cure
- Jack Viorel
- KevinMurphy
June 5, 2010Father Charles Sikorsky
May 1, 2010Ignited By Truth
- Dr. Greg & Lisa Popcak
- John Martignoni
April 3, 2010Ignited By Truth
- Patrick McCaskey
- Fr. Dwight Longenecker
- Dr. John Bergsma
March 6, 2010Alfred Schnog
February 6, 2010The March
- Rally for Life in Raleigh
- March and Mass for Life in Washington, DC
January 9, 2010Abortion
- Dr. Diane Harris
December 5, 2009Advent and Christmas Traditions
- Judi Paparozzi
November 7, 2009Marian Apparitions
- Chris Bately
October 3, 2009Respect Life Month 2009
- Bev Jolly
- Chuck Dean
September 5, 2009The Year For Priests
- Bishop Michael F. Burbidge
- Seminarian Mike Burbeck
August 1, 2009National Right To Life Conference
- Father Frank Pavone
- Michael Clancy
July 4, 2009St. Mary Music Ministry
June 6, 2009Ask Father Dan
May 2, 2009Ignited By Truth
- Joseph Pearce
- Brad Watkins
April 4, 2009Ignited By Truth
- Immaculée Ilibagiza
March 7, 2009Ignited By Truth
- Father Larry Richards
- Tim Staples
February, 7,2009Father Dan Oschwald
January 3, 2009Father Jim Garneau
December 6, 2008Singing our Way through Advent
- Sara Bryant
- Angie Edwards
- Heather Latham
November 15, 2008Catholic Home Schooling
- Denise Cooper
- Debbie Shinskie
- Andy Shinskie
October 11, 2008Respect Life Month 2008
- Bishop Michael F. Burbidge
October 4, 2008National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)
- Clancy Must
September 6, 2008The St. Mary Bookstore
with David & Heather Latham
August 2, 2008Hispanic Experience
- Father Bob Kus
- Vicki Retes Howard
July 5, 2008Conversion Stories - Part 2
- Allison Dooley
- Rich Dooley
- Peter Lamporte
June 7, 2008Padre Leon Marcos-Angulo
May 3, 2008Conversion Stories
- Allison Dooley
- Rich Dooley
- Peter Lamporte
April 5, 2008Father Ned Shlesinger
March 1, 2008Bishop Michael F. Burbidge
February 2, 2008Sister Isaac Koenig, SU
January 5,2008Bishop Michael F. Burbidge
December 1, 2007The Founding Fathers
- Bill Hamilton
- Joe DeRobertis
- Jim Edens
November 3, 2007African-American Catholicism in Wilmington
James Hankins & William Gibbs
October 6, 2007Pro-Life Wilmington Part II
Christine Vayo & Allison Dooley
September 1, 2007Pro-Life Wilmington Part I
Father Pat Keane and Beverly Jolly
August 4, 2007Dr. Paul Covington
July 7, 2007Father Pat Keane


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