Via Email

To all WBPL listeners,
Less than a week after finding and correcting one interference problem, we have another one. Thursday I was notified by a listener of interference again in the area from St Therese and up to Military Cutoff.
I checked into this today and found a new problem. There is a new commercial station about 85 miles up the coast that was licensed to start broadcasting this month. They are broadcasting on the same frequency, 92.7 FM. Normally this would not be a problem and their signal would not go much more than about 50 miles with the power they have, however the location of their transmitting antenna makes a difference. It is extremely high and is located about 25 miles north east of Morehead City. If you take a map and draw a line from their antenna to St. Therese you will see the signal is traveling mostly over the ocean waters which enables the signal to travel much farther than if it were traveling over land. I haven't yet determined the extent of the interference, or if it will be constant or vary, depending on atmospheric conditions.
We are trying to acquire an additional transmitter on another frequency that will have a better signal and will cover a greater listening area. Please continue to pray that this can become a reality and thanks for your patience.
Bill Hamilton