April's Teaching Moment

After seeing people wear shorts to both Good Friday services as well as Easter Sunday Mass, I decided to look into Mass etiquette for Catholics. Here are the first five; more will be covered over the next few months.

  1. Dress modestly & appropriately. Catholics should believe that God is present at every Mass. Dress for Him.
  2. Arrive early if you can.  This allows you to prepare yourself better for Mass.
  3. Bless yourself with Holy Water upon entering and leaving the church in prayer. This reminds us of our Baptism, which made us members of His Church.
  4. We genuflect facing the tabernacle wherever it is.
  5. Please be quiet while in church, before & after Mass. Remember that your conversation might be disturbing someone who is in prayer, which is much more important.

We hope that even doing a few of these will help deepen your faith and bring you closer to Jesus.



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St. Michael the Archangel

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