For our July Carolina Catholic show, we again report from Italy! In this show, we will take you to Rome and Lucca where we will tour the Vatican and other churches in Rome and then visit the home of victim soul and stigmatist, St. Gemma Galgani, whose lived in Lucca 100 years ago and whose relics are housed at the Passionist monastery there.

Here are some photos from the visit to Italy:

The first photo is of me at the home where St. Gemma Galgani lived the last four years of her life; I am with a nun who is a Sister of St. Gemma Galgani (the name of the order).

We are standing in the dining room of the Giannini house where she lived, and the crucifix behind us spoke to her many times.

A photo of St. Gemma.
The entrance to her house (the Giannini house) where we toured.
The Chiesa di San Frediano in Lucca which I talk about in the show.
The placard outside this shrine.


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