Catholic Resources

Use these links to access great Catholic Apologetic and Learning resources.

Catholic Answers Magazine
Here you can listen to any of the past shows of Catholic Answers Live, read past issues of This Rock magazine, and check out their library of apologetic articles about the faith.

Numerous resources. Listen live to EWTN Radio, watch live EWTN TV, a Catholic Q and A section, and much more.

Bible Christian Society
A non-profit organization offering free apologetics resources for Catholics. Here you can obtain free downloads, tapes and CDs on Catholic teaching to help you learn the faith. Their emphasis on scripture helps Catholics share the faith with others and answer common objections about the faith.

Catholics United for the Faith
Check out their Faith Facts. They are short, detailed explanations of the teaching of the Catholic faith, researched and written by their Catholic responses department. Faith facts present the Church's teachings in a readable and thoroughly faithful way.

A source for free Catholic CDs and novels.

The Curé d'Ars Prayer Group
A group committed to praying daily for our bishop Luis Rafael Zarama, our parish priests, our seminarians, and for more vocations in the Diocese of Raleigh.


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