Carolina Catholic chats with TAN Books author, Patrick O’Hearn, about his newest book, Courtship of the Saints: How the Saints Met Their Spouses

Our guest is Patrick O'Hearn who will speak with us about his book, Courtship of the Saints: How the Saints Met Their Spouses. In this wonderful show, Patrick will share how twenty-five saintly couples, including Joachim and Anne, Joseph and Mary, Elizabeth of Hungary and Louis IV, Gianna and Pietro Molla, Louis and Zélie Martin, and others, met their spouses. From the most ordinary to the most extraordinary circumstances, one thing is clear: Divine Providence was at work. Given the world we live in today, it's wonderful to learn how these saintly couples will inspire our youth to begin waiting and praying for a virtuous spouse. Still more, they offer wisdom and practical advice for those already married.

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