Honoring Pope Benedict XVI

Carolina Catholic honors the memory of our beloved Pope Benedict XVI as he is remembered by several who knew him or met him including these guests: Father Joseph Fessio, SJ, founder of Ignatius Press, who got his doctorate under the tutelage of then theologian and professor, Father Joseph Ratzinger; John Sonnen, Catholic pilgrimage guide, who met Pope Benedict eight times when John lived in Rome; St. Stanislaus parishioner, Ludi Lipari, who on a 2006 pilgrimage with St. Mary's with her husband, Charlie, had a special encounter with Pope Benedict; and Amanda Gandolf, St. Therese parishioner, who met him with her husband and her children. In 2023, Ignatius Press released a photo album called, Benedict XVI: Servant of Love, in honor of Pope Benedict. 


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Show Notes

Father Fessio: Ignatius Press book featured on show: Benedict XVI: Servant of Love


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