"The Pope's Exorcist," Father Gabriele Amorth and the ministry of exorcism

We learn about Father Amorth and the ministry of exorcism in the Catholic Church. We speak to Jordan Burke from the Avila Institute for Spiritual Formation. Jordan is a digital content specialist, writer, researcher, and a podcast host, and he is the son of Dan Burke who founded Avila Institute. In this show, he distinguishes between this book, from Sophia Institute Press, and the recent movie of the same name; they are completely different with this book being a faithful, truthful, and well-researched question and answer book about Father Amorth's life and work, and this helps us come to know the priest as well as the ministry of exorcism in the Catholic Church.

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Sophia Institute
 The Devil's Exorcist: 101 Questions About Fr. Gabriele Amorth




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