Carolina Catholic welcomes Sara Bryant, Heather Latham, and Angie Edwards to its December show!

St. Mary's Music Director and Organist, Sara Bryant, along with cantors/singers Heather Latham and Angie Edwards, will appear on Carolina Catholic in the month of December to get us ready for the birth of Christ by deepening our understanding of Advent via the extraordinary music of the Catholic Church. We will explore the history of this music from the Gregorian Chants to more modern musical expressions of our longing and preparation for the coming of Christ.

This show, Singing our Way through Advent in the Catholic Church, airs on Saturday,December 6th at 11 am, Sunday, December 7th at 6 pm, and again the following weekend on Saturday, December 13th at 11am, and Sunday, December 14th at 6 pm.

Show Notes

St. Mary Catholic Church Music Ministry

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