For its second June 2014 show, Carolina Catholic re-interviews atheist turned Catholic, Jennifer Fulwiler, who spoke at Ignited by Truth in March 2014. Jennifer came back on the show to talk about her autobiography. The book, Something Other Than God, is a poignant, profound, and often funny tale of one woman who set out to find the meaning of life and discovered that true happiness sometimes requires losing it all. In this show, we will delve into her incredible conversion from pro-choice atheist to a pro-life and devout Catholic.

Jennifer Fulwiler is a writer and speaker who converted to Catholicism after a life of atheism. She’s a writer for the National Catholic Register, is a regular guest on the Relevant Radio and EWTN Radio networks, and her story has been featured on EWTN television. She is the subject of the nationally televised reality show, Minor Revisions with Jennifer Fulwiler, and her memoir about her conversion will be published by Ignatius Press in 2014.

Before she was a writer, she worked as a website developer, and she graduated with honors from the University of Texas with a degree in Advertising with a focus on New Media. She lives with her husband and six young children in Austin, Texas.

Her personal blog,, receives over 300,000 page views each month, and she has won in the categories of Best Written Blog, Most Spiritual Blog, Best Blog by a Woman, and People’s Choice Blog in the Catholic New Media Awards.


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