Fr. Byers

For August, Carolina Catholic went into the mountains of North Carolina to interview Father George David Byers, a priest living as a hermit in the mountains of Transylvania County in the Diocese of Charlotte. With Bishop Jugis’ permission, Father George lives in the mountains at his Holy Souls Hermitage where he prays for priests, writes, and assists rural parishes on weekends. In our first show, we will be learning about this priest, his 20 years in Rome, and his four years as a hermit. In our second show, we will be discussing his thesis and writings on Genesis 2 & 3 where he discusses his scientific and theological study of the Bible on the topic of original sin. 

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Show Notes

Suffering Children - Part 1
Suffering Children - Part 2
Suffering Children - Part 3
When Jesus was in Prison
Pope Francis and the Judas Crisis


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