The Lord's Prayer with Fr. Jeffrey Kirby, STD

Our guest is Father Jeffrey Kirby, S.T.D. whose newest book, Thy Kingdom Come: Living the Lord’s Prayer in Everyday Life, gives the reader an in-depth understanding of the “perfect prayer” given to us by Our Lord Himself. In this show, we look at the seven tenets of the Our Father from the first three that honor God, Thy Name, Thy Kingdom, Thy Will, to the four tenets that petition God: Give us, forgive us, lead us, and deliver us. This book provides a spiritual matrix in its School of Discipleship in which Father provides a platform to show the parallelism of the Our Father with the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, the Beatitudes, the Christian virtues, and the capital sins.


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Father Kirby's website
Thy Kingdom Come: Living the Lord’s Prayer in Everyday Life


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