Carolina Catholic and Surviving Covid-19

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My friend, Elsa Sutkevich, and I chat about how we both caught Covid 19 recently, got medical care early on, and how we both survived Covid at home. Both Elsa and I were given the Frontline Doctors' protocol. We will detail what the Frontline Doctors' protocol involved, what we did to care for ourselves at home, and what symptoms were toughest for us and others. We will also speak about the power of prayer and how it helped both of us so much while recovering at home.

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My guest again is Dr. Tony Maglione, a local cardiologist, who goes into great detail about how we can prevent getting Covid-19 and how we should treat Covid if we do get sick. Dr. Tony explains in this show how deep faith, a good immune system, and trust in God is the best medicine of all. He delves into the impact fear and a lack of trust in God can have on our immune system, and how we can best prepare to fight Covid if we become infected.

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Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance

Dr. Tony Maglione


Covid19 Critical Care

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