Carolina Catholic chats with Sister Dr. Dede Byrne, POSC, and Dr. Stacy Trasancos, Children of God for Life

Tara Lewis and I interviewed our two guests, Sister Dede Byrne (sister, surgeon, and retired colonel in the U.S. Army) and Dr. Stacy Trasancos (mother of seven, theologian, and chemist). In this show, we learn more about Sister Dede and how Washington DC health authorities originally rejected her application for a religious exemption regarding the Covid vaccine, and we also speak to both Sister and Stacy about the various Covid vaccines and medical treatments, the work of Children of God for Life where Stacy is the Chief Research Officer, and about the Dobbs case soon to be decided by the SCOTUS regarding abortion.


Sister Dede

Sister Dede Byrne

Dr. Stacy

Dr. Stacy Trasancos

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Children of God for Life

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