Bella Dodd and her journey from Communism to Catholicism

Tara Lewis and I chat with Mary A. Nicholas, MD, co-author with Dr. Paul Kengor, about their book, The Devil and Bella Dodd: One Woman's Struggle Against Communism and Her Redemption. Dodd was a communist and a master infiltrator of the American educational system bringing communist propaganda into our schools. She courageously defected from the Communist Party, and thankfully, she was helped by Bishop Fulton Sheen who brought her from the scourge of communism to the beauty of Catholicism. After her conversion, she dedicated her life to warning the world about the evils of communism even testifying before Congress on the infiltration of America by communists.



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Show Notes

The Devil and Bella Todd
The Soviet Story
Fr. Hardon on Communism

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