Carolina Catholic Archives

December 17 Dr. Robert Moynihan and Finding Viganò
December 5 Tony Vivaldi and Save A Vet Now
November 21 Father James Altman and the McCarrick Report
November 7 Bill Pincus, NC Right to Life President
October 17 Dr. Tony Maglione
October 3 Deacon John Walsh
September 19 Father Peter Devereux, LC
August 15 &
September 5
Father James Altman (2 shows)
August 1 Four Deacons
July 4 George Floyd with Adam Davis
June 20 Praying with the Saints with Dawn Beutner
June 6 The Lord's Prayer with Fr. Jeffrey Kirby
May 16 Kevin Wells second half
May 2 Kevin Wells first half
April 18 Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC
April 4 Orbis Catholic Travel
March 7 Ignited By Truth
February 15 From the Depths of our Hearts
February 1 March for Life
January 18 Dr. Matthew Bunson
January 4 Fr. Dave Pivonka


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